grow – Heimat for Start-ups
grow – Heimat for Start-ups
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We are HEIMAT for Startups

grow is the platform for Start-ups and an open space for entrepreneurs inside of Bosch. Our start-ups and entrepreneurs are focused on radical ideas in order to develop new, sustainable and profitable business in new markets for Bosch. But as Robert Bosch already said: “What works in theory doesn’t always work in the field – The idea alone doesn’t count.” The idea is not enough. In this spirit the grow platform was born. We empower people to transform entrepreneurial spirit, freedom and ability into new Bosch business.

grow is HEIMAT for Querdenker, Selbstverwirklicher and Durchstarter.

Our Start-ups

Our start-ups are focused on radical new business ideas for Bosch.
Their challenge is to develop the right product, build a suitable business model and find the right customers. And they all have the same motivation: to invent fascinating solutions for future life.
They work on new mobility solutions, IoT for agriculture, robotics, ceramic innovations or other products and services invented for life.

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Our Heimat

And because radical ideas need a radical environment, even the workspaces look anything but normal. It’s a location that offers plenty of room for creativity – and for people.
In March 2018 we will move into a new and even bigger space on the Urban Harbor premises in Ludwigsburg. We will then have 5,000 square meters at our disposal, together with a testing area and a workshop, with communication zones, kitchen areas and innovative art – all under one roof.
To build this diverse space we work together with architects and artists from different countries.
This will be a space where Bosch products become the source of the artistic objects and technology history is functionally set in scene but where creativity and functionality don‘t need to be a contradiction.

We know: Inspiration is motivation for entrepreneurs

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Our offers

Every start-up needs freedom to develop new ideas into new business – also as a corporate startup. It needs freedom in three dimensions: culturally, organizationally and physically. With our Experience, Incubation and Co-Working concepts we master this challenge in a corporate setting.
If you have a brilliant idea for a radical innovation but bringing it to life has proven challenging, then get inspired and experience how grow can help you push your idea forward.
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Once you have experienced being a start-up you have to enliven your creativity. But starting a new business can be a real challenge and quite frustrating at times, right? Cooperation and co-creation with other innovators will help you.
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What about when you’ve started your business? Then of course you want to incubate your idea.
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