Are you a Selbstver wirklicher?
Once you have experienced how to act as a start-up you have to awake your idea. But starting a new business can be a real challenge and quite frustrating at times, right? Co-operation and co-creation with other innovators will help you…

Surround yourself with people who face the same challenges, grow together and reach new heights through synergies. Our open office space for entrepreneurs creates an inspiring atmosphere that differs from a typical workplace. Be surrounded by devoted peers to mutually benefit from each others’ visions and knowledge. Co-operate with others to advance innovations that will have a significant impact on the future.

How we can help you grow

Here, developers, inventors, creatives and thinkers can work together in a shared space. Here you can share knowledge, solve problems in partnership and promote your own ideas, together with start-ups and innovation teams who all have the same goal: to develop new companies for Bosch through radical ideas.


Hence, we give you and your team the necessary free space: cultural, spatial, structural, to be creative, to try things out, to develop ideas and to implement plans. And we mean that literally.

  • We live without rigid walls and yet are still not a classic open-plan office. We are a large community, and yet each team has its own “area” with sufficient rest areas and various creative spaces.
  • Our start-ups start small, but with us can grow, with flexibility and individuality, including geographically.
  • We use standard equipment when it is practical to do so; individual equipment whenever it is necessary.
  • We are not only symbolically a “backyard workshop”, but provide an integrated workshop and test area for use by all.

Co-working applies not just in terms of the physical environment, but also to people like you.

We encourage interchange between teams, enabling each other and learning from each other, and networking both within and outside Bosch’s boundaries.  Therefore, we facilitate small and large events such as individual team events and needs-based team coaching.


And the best part? As a user of our co-working spaces and as a start-up you remain faithful to your current field, and to Bosch. At Bosch, this means that from a legal and organisational perspective you remain with your former department and are also financed by them.