grow – Heimat for Start-ups
grow – Heimat for Start-ups
We are HEIMAT for Start-ups

grow is your professional HEIMAT. It is an open space for entrepreneurs inside and outside of Bosch. We empower people to transform entrepreneurial spirit, freedom and ability into new Bosch business.

Our start-ups and entrepreneurs are focused on radical ideas in order to develop new,  sustainable and profitable business in new markets for Bosch based on Bosch technological innovation.

grow is HEIMAT for Selbstverwirklicher and Durchstarter.

Are you a Durchstarter?

You have a brilliant idea for a radical innovation but bringing it to reality has proven challenging? Get inspired and experience how grow can help you push your idea forward.

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Are you a Selbstver-wirklicher?

Once you have experienced being a start-up you have to awaken your creativity. But starting a new business can be a real challenge and quite frustrating at times, right? Cooperation and co-creation with other innovators will help you…

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Are you a Querdenker?

But then, what about when you’ve started your business? Then of course you want to incubate your idea. But then do you sometimes worry about getting lost in the administrative details?

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