Life as a grow intern probably differs somewhat from typical intern life, as you’d expect from a company like Bosch. Let me tell you a bit about myself: my name is Sina, I’m 20 years old and I’m starting an international business management degree in October. Within the scope of a pre-degree internship, I spent two months at grow in what was my favourite intern position right from the outset. I now want to tell you a bit about my experiences and life as an intern at grow.

My duties were primarily in the area of controlling and ranged from standard everyday business activities to new, complex situations that are still rather unusual in the Bosch Group. I also supported myScotty, one of our start-ups, in various tasks such as event planning and app testing. When you’ve not yet done a degree, there are some things that you have no idea about despite spending three years at a high school that specialised in business. However, this wasn’t a problem as my mentors explained everything to me and enabled me to learn a huge deal. The biggest challenge was getting my head around all the abbreviations that Bosch uses. After two months of constantly using them though, I can now remember the most important ones. 🙂

The working atmosphere here at grow is great. Everyone is able to work independently but also drive various ideas as part of a team. The classic hierarchy doesn’t exist here; everyone helps each other as much as possible, keeping things open and uncomplicated. I was instantly integrated into the platform team, could immediately perform my duties and was involved in various discussions about all sorts of topics.

I’ll take an awful lot away with me from this internship! I can now, even more than before, imagine doing a job that relates to start-ups. The culture is very open, pleasant and relaxed but everyone is still extremely focussed on their tasks and aims. There are an unbelievable number of ideas in the broadest range of subject areas that most people outside such innovative environments know nothing about.

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What are you and why? Querdenker, Durchstarter, Selbstverwirklicher?
I’m a Durchstarter. I give my all to get new things that I’m interested in up and running. Over the longer term, I’d clearly find it too boring to follow a set work routine.

What does Heimat mean to you?
Heimat is a place that is always present in my subconscious mind and where I can remember a sense of security, people and gained experiences. No matter how far away I am, Heimat is a place I can always return to.

Sina Maziul (intern at grow)