About Heimat

The question “What is Heimat?” is easily answered. Or so it might seem. But actually it delves into our very soul, sending us in search of places, people and things that mean something to us or that have meant something in the past.

The term HEIMAT for the most part refers to a relationship between people and places. And it’s a beautiful word, implying a sense of being “at home”, the feeling of cosiness, familiarity, comfort, safety and childhood. But this one simple answer to the question “what is HEIMAT” doesn’t exist.

After all, HEIMAT is not a place. HEIMAT is a feeling: somewhere you are understood. Where you can relate. Where you don’t have to put on an act. Where there are people you like, and who like you in return. It stems from your ability to feel at ease. You can create your HEIMAT. Wherever you are.