Bezirk normalizes data for use across vendors, retailers, municipalities and such, offering insight into a consumer, while also assuring a discrete level of anonymity for the individual. Consumers may then receive the benefits sales incentives, while only revealing detailed data once that consumer is inside a store, or a retailer has supplied detailed data for targeted filtering.

Too Much Technology to Remember

Bezirk alleviates the cognitive overload from dealing with too many devices by facilitating seamless, automated interactions with multiple device types. Our belief is that it will seem completely natural to allow a technology such as Bezirk to interact and negotiate, on your behalf, with the devices and applications in your surrounding environment.

More information about our philosophy can be found on our website.

How it works

Bezirk offers two solutions which work together to bring unique value to consumers and industry solution providers.

The BEZIRK Platform delivers solutions for industry by capturing the personal preferences and automatically interact with the devices and systems.

BEYOND is a personalization engine, which models your preferences and behaviors. It collects, learns, manages, and distributes user data with other apps, creating personalized experiences for IoT applications.