For over 70 years Ceramic Injection Molding Experts

Ceramic injection molding has a long tradition at Bosch. Back in 1939 Bosch filed the first patent for injection molding of technical ceramics. For 10 years, the so-called CIM process at the plant Blaichach has been applied and continuously improved. Our product portfolio is constantly growing and we accomplished the “quantum leap” to 3D printing! By 2016 the start-up CERIX was founded. As we see a great potential of technical ceramics in many other areas of businesses, we want to offer our expertise in the market!

CERIX combines creativity and engineering, in-house precision tools and equipment, efficient controlling and a perfect team, the control of robust processes and sophisticated logistics. Everything from one source which means short distances – from the first idea to production but always in communication with the customer.

Further information on our processes can be found here.

Technical Ceramics offer high-performance materials for applications in the new millenium. Ceramics are hard, highly wear-resistant, extremely temperature-resistant, chemically resistant and biocompatible.

Our product portfolio includes fields like consumer goods, automotive, medical, industrial, as well as electronics. We also work on individual requests and projects. Further details about our portfolio can be found on our website.

CERIX – Ceramic Innovations and more

From the development to the mature series product