We’re very excited to be joining the grow community as its Industrial IoT Exploration Team, assigned by Bosch Rexroth. We thought we’d take this opportunity to share our excitement and provide some insight into our mission: shaping the Fourth Industrial Revolution!

See the IoT Exploration Team in action:

Stefan Rauch, Steve Puder, Janette Kothe, Tammo Schwindt, Volker Jesberger

You might be an expert responsible for a machine in your production line, a maintenance specialist, or another Industry 4.0 enthusiast we haven’t met yet – whoever you are, our five-person team is here to help you explore your IoT (internet of things) use case.

Exploring IoT opportunities? Get to know our Exploration Teams."

Rolf Najork, Bosch Rexroth CEO

But what exactly does that mean? It means we help you identify your challenges as well as create and implement the corresponding IoT solution set. We explore the vast potential of IoT technology to best address your use case.

There’s more to come

We’re currently working on a portfolio extension of our “OEE Improve!” IoT services, having piloted the first versions at the Bosch BCX18 manufacturing hackathon in February. This event offered a great chance to get some enthusiastic hackers to work with our services and refine them even further:


  • OEE Improve! Insights: Do you want to get more data out of your machine and unlock optimisation potential? If so, this is the service for you. We provide you with the full technology stack – ready to use, from sensor node to cloud. Plus, you only pay for the benefits you receive.
  • OEE Improve! Filter Monitoring: Are you in charge of maximising the availability of your hydraulic system? Then this plug-and-play condition monitoring service is for you. Again, you only pay for the benefits you receive.

What’s so special about working with us?

To find your perfect solution, we not only utilise Bosch’s broad technology portfolio, but also the diverse and expansive ecosystem of our partners. We strongly believe that nobody can venture into the IoT alone.
Exploring together means that our workplace is mobile: today in Ludwigsburg, tomorrow by your side – in the end, we can work all over Europe. Being with our customers and working alongside them on new, value-adding solutions is at the very heart of what we do.
Does that mean we’re on the road all the time? That wouldn’t be beneficial. Inspired by the lean start-up approach, we use the opportunity to understand user needs as we constantly encounter relevant challenges. On this basis, we derive business hypotheses and test them with minimal viable products (MVP), delivering customer benefit from the very beginning.

If you’re interested in learning more about our innovative and iterative approach to developing our IoT services, I recommend you browse our white paper “How to create new Industry 4.0 products”.

Get to know us

We’re a team of IoT solution architects, technology scouts and industrial and information technology experts. What, we share? Absolutely! That’s how passionate we are about IoT innovation and getting the job done. Talk to us – we’ll make it happen!

We would be happy to connect with you:

Stefan Rauch, Janette Kothe, Tammo Schwindt, Volker Jesberger

About the author

Janette joined Bosch in 2011 and has worked in innovating, developing, and engineering IoT applications since then. Having studied mechatronics, she has been passionate about transforming the Industrial Internet ever since.
For the 3rd time now, Janette has been Hack MC (Master of Ceremony) at BCX18 Connected Manufacturing hackathon. Since Jan 2018, she is part of the Consult & Connect Team at GROW.

What are you and why? Querdenker, Durchstarter, Selbstverwirklicher?
I would regard myself and also our team as a perfect blend. It´s our mission to explorate new business potentials, that will definitely require new ways of thinking – being a Querdenker. But we also walk the talk. We make the IoT (Internet of Things) happen – and this requires to be a Durchstarter.

What does Heimat mean to you?
Heimat to me is a cosy place and feeling. It does not necessarily have to be a place on a map. I rather have the people in mind that join us in the community of i4.0 heroes – everybody, who shares our passion to shape the 4th industrial revolution.