The future is called triffix

We decided to give a new name to our project: so the future is called triffix.
„But why? BePart was such a beautiful name!“ Yeah we think so, too. But we are not alone in the world with that view and there are already many other things called BePart. You will find the name in App-stores, Websites and at the german patent office.

This summer we want to go public and start our first pilot-project. So the right time to change the name is now. We checked more than 30 suggested names. triffix was the option everybody was convinced of. triffix is almost unique, so that we will have no problems in App-stores, domains, SEO and patent-office.

What does triffix mean?

triffix is a made-up-word from traffic, information and network (symbolized as an X) and shows where we want to go in the future: triffix is more than just an app solution. It is a network for traffic information generally. We are looking forward to the future of our start-up and our pilot-project this summer. triffix yeah!

x greetings

yours fixies
Benni, Chris, Fabian, Flo, Lisa, Peter, Zhaopeng

triffix sounds like traffic and fix. I think someone wants to help me to get faster through traffic.

Aaron Baumgaertner