How we can help you grow

Surround yourself with people who face the same challenges, grow together and reach new heights through synergies. Our open office space for entrepreneurs creates an inspiring atmosphere that differs from a typical workplace. Be surrounded by devoted peers to mutually benefit from each others’ visions and knowledge. Co-operate with others to advance innovations that will have a significant impact on the future.


Here, developers, inventors, creatives and thinkers can work together in a shared space. You can share knowledge, solve problems in partnership and promote your own ideas, together with start-ups and innovation teams. We encourage networking both within and outside Bosch’s boundaries and therefore, we facilitate small and large events such as individual team events and needs-based team coaching.

For us, networking is one core element to develop new business for Bosch through radical ideas.


And because radical ideas need a radical environment, even the workspaces look anything but normal. It’s a location that offers plenty of room for creativity – and for people. We have 5,000 square meters at our disposal, together with a testing area and a workshop, with communication zones, kitchen areas and innovative art – all under one roof. We live without rigid walls and yet are still not a classic open-plan office. We are a large community, and yet each team has its own “area” with various creative spaces and a maximum of flexibility.

To build this diverse space we work together with architects and artists from different countries. It is a space where Bosch products become the source of the artistic objects and technology history is functionally set in scene but where creativity and functionality don‘t need to be a contradiction.