While the amount of arable land is decreasing, an ever growing world population needs to be supplied with healthy and affordable food. We provide solutions for automated, objective and reliable outdoor field experiments. As a result – for instance – productivity and quality in seed breeding is improved.

Deepfield Robotics is a young start-up of the Robert Bosch Start-up GmbH. It has emerged from research activities of Bosch Corporate Research dated back to 2008 with the publicly funded project “BoniRob”. Our inspired team of engineers, software developers, robotics specialists and agricultural engineers develops innovative solutions for the future of agriculture – jointly with our partners and in close contact with our customers.

Our drive, our motivation and our passion is created by the vision of a sustainable green revolution to conserve nature.

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One team – many experts

The Deepfield Robotics team has outstanding competences and experience in robotics, mechatronics and automation, computer vision, software, sensors and data management on the one hand, and profound agricultural domain knowledge to understand the market needs on the other hand. We use latest research and development results to create easy to use and helpful products for agriculture. Additionally we are backed by our Bosch Group with access to resources, technologies, networks, and sales channels. The vision to enable sustainable farming for future generations unites us.

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