As it’s almost time for grow to move on to pastures new, we organised a moving party on the existing premises. This was the perfect opportunity to celebrate all the great moments that have been had between these four walls and to fill the space with fun and laughter one last time before we say “Hello!” to our new Heimat.

The party brought together young and experienced teams from different locations under the motto “We are grow”. Just like this event, our relocation will also unite many of the start-up teams under one roof.

The event featured various gamification elements which prompted the exchange of creative ideas and information.

Together, we laid on a huge spread of homemade culinary delicacies from all over the world, which were followed by a delicious dinner that included a great selection of mains and desserts. The meal allowed the various teams to chat and form new contacts in a relaxed, enjoyable atmosphere.

Plenty of fun and entertainment was also provided by the popcorn machine and the photo booth, which – with its assortment of quirky props and costumes – became the real highlight of the party and provided many hilarious mementos of a fun and successful event.