Just-in-time preparation

Our new year started with a considerable highlight: we were asked to represent the start-up world of Bosch at CES 2018 in Las Vegas. Considering the importance of the event, we had a great deal to prepare as we are still at a very early stage in our progress and could not reuse much material. To raise awareness about the impact we all have on traffic and the possibility to change something by ourselves, we decided to produce a short provocative video, which was shown on a big screen in our booth. The video conveys our message in the style of a news show with a great deal of slapstick and irony.

Make every place your workplace

Since we had very little preparation time, we had to stick to the design thinking principle “make every place your workplace” again: on the way to Las Vegas we used the flight time to carry out some design work and add the finishing touches to our pitches to the visitors. Working like this is really fun. You should try it as well and observe the reactions of other people once you start putting Post-Its on everything within reach.

Living room feeling

Our booth was part of the overall Bosch stand and looked and felt like a crazy start-up living room. The furniture (designed by artists) is actually the regular furniture in our new office building in Ludwigsburg. It attracted a lot of attention from both visitors and other Bosch booth staff at CES. We showcased a “connected horse”, a standing table made of an old Bosch washing machine, grass chairs and a comfy sofa. The sofa was very popular among visitors, offering a great place to explain our ideas and conduct interesting talks. The transformation of old things into functional or inspirational things represents the nature of grow: creating such an environment while sticking to the roots and values of Bosch.

A great deal of attention

Besides the many visitors to our booth, we also aroused great interest among internal Bosch guests, with visits from Stefan Hartung, member of the Management Board for our Energy and Building Technology Sector, Dirk Hoheisel, member of the Board for our Mobility Solutions Sector, Steffen Berns, President of the Car Multimedia Division and Mike Mansuetti, President of Bosch North America. Those talks led to great discussions, new contacts which will help us to further develop our start-up and a funny showdown between Mr. Hartung and Peter Guse, Managing Director of Robert Bosch Start-Up GmbH.


We received plenty of valuable feedback on our storyline from potential users from all over the world and from a huge variety of backgrounds. This information forms a great basis for analysis and future scaling into international markets. Asians in particular are very interested in the kind of solutions we are striving for. In contrast to our initial assumptions, US citizens also gave us mostly positive feedback on the need for improved communication in US cities.

We also saw with our own eyes that a city like Las Vegas needs to manage its traffic more effectively:

BePart as a part of grow

grow has been the HEIMAT of BePart since November 2017 and provides us with everything we need to develop our ideas further and to enter the market. At the moment, we are working on the validation of our business model and the development of an MVP.

Visit www.bepart.city to stay up to date.

Best regards

Benni and Florian