The time has come and soon we will be moving into our new home at Grönerstraße 9 in the Weststadt district of Ludwigsburg. Over the past few months, we have been putting all of our creative and physical effort into creating a home for start-ups here at Bosch.

To mark the occasion of the completion of the building, over 400 Bosch employees and their guests attended the opening ceremony. The first half of the evening was filled with inspirational presentations from people like Dr Denner, CEO of Robert Bosch GmbH, and Mr Spec Lord Mayor of Ludwigsburg which was followed by a lively discussion amongst the guests and the speakers. After the inspirational talks, the new hall was formally unveiled by the occupants; namely, all our start-ups and innovation teams. In other exciting news: grow was officially announced at the event as the brand name, and will eventually become the official name of the start-up platform at Bosch.

Guests were able to get a feel for the new facilities in an informal and relaxed setting. The artists that dedicated the room to inspiration, creativity, and communication explained their latest concept to the guests as well as the idea behind their creation. From the creative, inspiring meeting rooms, to the variety of wall decorations, through to the furniture, paintings and eye-catching decorative touches, there’s plenty to discover in the new building. For example, the office even contains a Norwegian wood hut on a podium, from which the entire office is visible.

Artist Martin Schüler, had this to say about his creation: “Here the unexpected creates space for the unusual, the unknown, and the new.” Just like a halfpipe that isn’t actually a halfpipe, or the spark of an ignition that balances a large polygonal mirror dice, or an inner circle in which later the “Jedi Knights” will hold their meetings. This creates contrast, raises questions, encourages us to contemplate and think ahead. It even sometimes provokes us – thereby evoking the creative environment in which radical innovation flourishes.

Here the unexpected creates space for the unusual, the unknown, and the new.

Martin Schüler

After a tour of the facilities, which could be attended even during dinner, the DJ worked in the foyer to keep the spirits of the start-ups and their guests high. All in all, it was a very successful celebration.

We can’t wait until the next event and are excited to move into our new home.

Stay tuned.