This was the motto as we kicked off our grow Block Party on 25 July. And although summer left us and we saw more rain than sunshine, this didn’t dampen the conversations and intensive networking between our start-ups and grow guests from both within and outside Bosch.

Street music with Cris Cosmo
No street party would be complete without certain things: street food à la Burrito Cowboy Bill or Burger Pork Diddy and street music, of course. Cris Cosmo entertained us throughout the evening with the delights of his fascinating, unique sounds. With his background in street music, he developed his current style at the pop academy in Mannheim. For ten years, Cris Cosmo has combined German lyrics with customised pop and Latino-reggae influences as well as live club beats.  He represents summer, love and a hint of revolution – the perfect choice for our grow Block Party. Why not have a listen for yourself?

Herzschlag (Heart beat)

Ich liebe Dich dafür (That’s why I love you)

Celebrations need their reason – and our start-ups had much to celebrate
Although the entertainment was excellent, it was our current and former start-ups that formed the heart of the event.

With over three years having passed since the establishment of Robert Bosch Start-up GmbH, it’s no surprise that a fair bit has changed… and will continue to do so.


After just a year under our roof, urbanmates became the first start-up to fly the nest. Thanks to the successful sale to the development partner BrakeForceOne (BFO), urbanmates has found a buyer that is working with the team to improve urban mobility and further driving the market launch of the Flynn electric kick scooter. Our grow Block Party gave the urbanmates team the opportunity to report on the early days of its start-up life outside Bosch and the development of the Flynn. Flynn will be officially launched later this year at the Eurobike in Friedrichshafen. We’ll definitely be keeping an inquisitive eye on it!

A number of changes are also afoot at our slightly older start-up Deepfield.

The Deepfield Robotics team, which previously focussed on both agricultural robotics and the IoT within the field of agriculture, is dividing into two. Agriculture robotics is becoming part of a new department within the Bosch Group, whereas Deepfield Connect (inc. asparagus and strawberry monitoring) will initially remain part of Robert Bosch Start-up GmbH. This consolidates expertise and enables topics to be driven forward with greater focus.

myScotty had a major milestone to celebrate: the successful launch of its app at the end of June. Over 4,500 cars, 1,150 scooters and 5,900 bicycles all now fit in your trouser pocket. So get registering, find and rent a vehicle and start your journey.

And then there’s our CERIX team. When the start-up was first established some two years back, it focused on the production of ceramic coffee grinding discs. Now, the portfolio has been somewhat expanded and new markets are being exploratively developed, e.g. in the fields of medical technology and optics. Minor setbacks where the CERIX team realised that certain envisaged new markets weren’t actually of relevance simply form part of start-up life.

We now come to our first and therefore oldest start-up, Zenoway, which has experienced similar changes to Deepfield. As the team unfortunately couldn’t attend the grow Block Party, we’ll reveal what is happening in this start-up on our website soon. So keep checking online – things are going to get exciting!

Discovery Teams
In addition to our start-up teams, we also had the pleasure of being Heimat for four Bosch Discovery Teams from April to July. Discovery Teams are international, cross-functional, diverse teams of Bosch employees who were tasked with working on four specified topic areas not linked to their usual jobs to develop new business ideas for Bosch. To date, we’ve only provided teams with a temporary Heimat. Now though, we are able to do so for some teams on a longer term basis. We love hearing that our house mates are happy in their Heimat and want to stay. 🙂

grow is celebrating too – progress at the construction site
As we already told you in a previous blog post, we are expanding from 2018 and moving into a new, or to be more precise newly renovated and outfitted, industrial hall in the western part of Ludwigsburg. It’s not just our teams that are making huge progress, but also our 5,000 m2 building site: the façade, roof, ceilings, external doors and windows have already been restored, the internal staircase has been partially installed and work on the acoustic ceiling, air conditioning system and remaining interior construction is well underway. And the interior construction really is something special: it goes far beyond the established standards for co-working spaces and inspiring working conditions. Our Norwegian cabin, which will move into the new hall, has already arrived. But that’s all we’re going to reveal for now. 🙂
The long-awaited move is scheduled for the end of the year.

If you want to find out more about the changes in our teams, our new Heimat and upcoming events, simply return to our website on a regular basis.

Stay tuned! 🙂