We were really excited to welcome two fascinating artists to our Baustellenevents #1 and #2: In December, German rapper Tua visited our event, while in February, it was the turn of New York artist AVone. The two were contacted via our agency pulsmacher, which knows them both well.
You may be wondering why we invited these particular artists. Heimat is very important to both of them – as it is to us at grow.

The Reutlingen Rapper

Tua performed live at the grow Baustellenevent #1 in December 2016. | Image rights: Rainer Pfisterer

Tua, whose real name is Johannes Bruhns, grew up as the son of a Ukrainian father and a German mother. His hometown is Reutlingen in Swabia, so he is very familiar with Bosch as the leading employer in the region. Tua began to produce his own songs when he was 12 years old. He now has a record deal with Chimperator Productions and has released a number of albums. His famous singles include “Moment”0 and “MDMA” – have a listen now! 🙂

The pop artist from New York

AVone, full name Anthony Vasquez, grew up in Brooklyn. With the help of graffiti, collages, painting and tape art, he creates impressive works which depict his hometown of New York in a number of ways. In the USA, he is one of the renowned exponents of contemporary art. AVone is also enjoying increasing popularity in Germany and had his own exhibition in Berlin last year.

Get your own impression of  AVone’s art:

Fuck you Molly | 75 x 75 cm | Mixed media on canvas, Décollage | Image rights pulsmacher GmbH
Copyright | 91 x 91 cm | Mixed media on canvas | Image rights pulsmacher GmbH

The art of being different

We are multifaceted at grow – we are Querdenker, Durchstarter and Selbstverwirklicher. For our start-ups, it is all about creating new things and using creativity to turn new ideas into reality far away from the beaten track. Tua expresses his thoughts in the lyrics of his songs and really sets himself apart. After a difficult childhood, AVone sees art as an opportunity to express his views on life in a creative way. You can find the art of doing things differently everywhere, whether it’s in Reutlingen, New York, our grow Heimat in Ludwigsburg or in the rest of the world.