How we can help you grow

Use our extensive experience and resources to boost your idea to the next level. Our vast experience in innovation management, business development and company building plus the expertise of international technological and methodical masterminds will be at your disposal. Acquire new ideas and share your knowledge and visions with other makers and shakers from around the globe.

But what does that mean?

Building a company in a corporate environment is no easy matter. As a start-up platform, this is something we also have many years experience of. Even before our company was founded in 2013, we had approached this type of company, have had to consider all legal, financial and technical issues, and create a construct that met our customers’ requirements. However, the creation of our own legal unit was for a long time not a HEIMAT for creating radical, innovative ideas. Lean processes, new methodologies, inspiring working environments and flexible working conditions were created to enable companies to work as much like a start-up as possible, yet within a corporate environment.

What do we offer?

We bring this knowledge and experience back to the Bosch Group and to entrepreneurs, thereby supporting and promoting the development of new business for Bosch.

We give lectures, participate in workshops as coach and mentor, actively participate in management programs, are present at trade shows and conferences and organize specific events and workshops as our Safari, Expedition and Discovery.

However, that is not enough. Grow Experience means: Do it yourself! Experience it for yourself!



The grow Safari is an interactive, half-day workshop, which offers initial insights into how start-ups think and act. Through lots of interaction you experience how a start-up works and how grow builds a bridge between agile entrepreneurial spirit and an established corporate world.


Overview of lean start-up methods:
Start, ideate, design (business modeling), test, iterate and pitch.

Target Group

All interested Bosch employees.


Half a day, multiple times per year.



With the grow Expedition, experience start-up life in-house at Bosch, by running through and experiencing all the phases of a start-up within a short period of time. You’ll either have a business idea of your own or be keen to work together with another participant on his / her idea. You’ll find your team on the first evening.

Accompanied by start-up mentors and working through a structured, multi-level process, you and your team will develop the business idea into a business model with focus on customer interviews and problem-solution-fit. You and your team will test, iterate and pitch your business idea in the end. Our external mentors, experienced in the field of company inception, will  be on hand to help.


Practice of lean start-up methods by working on a new business idea:
Focus on customer interviews and problem-solution-fit, test, iterate and pitch.

Target Group

Bosch entrepreneurs and new Bosch business teams with entrepreneurial spirit.


2 days, multiple times per year.



Coming from the grow Expedition it’s possible to get more in-depth with our 10 weeks grow Discovery. Led through a six-step process, you will develop your idea into a business model, a market and a product, thereby creating an entirely new business. You will experience cultural awareness, put together a founding team and work like a start-up – just within Bosch boundaries.

Our mentors (founders, investors, methodologists and technical specialists or entrepreneurs like you) support you in every step of the process. During the sessions you will receive subject-specific input and pitch training led by company founders and a TV host. Your pitch will be the highlight of the program.


Deep-dive into lean start-ups methods, build-up of a start-up team, development of an entrepreneurial spirit, pitch in front of a jury.

Target Group

Potential new grow start-ups and Bosch Innovation Teams.


10 weeks (part-time).


As Bosch employee you can get more information and contact details here.