Sven Müller has worked for grow as a Workshop and Technical Manager since 01 March 2017. One of his main duties in this role is the creation of our new grow Heimat. Or to be more precise: the new workshop!

Read on to discover more about our Sven and the workshop, which he refers to as ‘his baby’: 🙂

How does the new workshop differ from the old one?
In our current workshop in the garage, the test area and workshop are housed in an area of approximately 150 m². Now, everything is getting far bigger: the new location offers us about 450 m² for the test area, about 270 m² for the workshop and an additional gallery with an area of 62 m².

The new workshop and test area will take up one third of the first floor of the new office building. It will be right next to our communication zone, where we will host all our events in the future.

What improvements will the new workshop bring?
The test area is exclusively intended for testing the various prototypes developed by the start-ups. This gives our employees the opportunity to create something with short workflows.

Where exactly in our new Heimat is the workshop located?
The workshop area is being created on the ground floor of the new building, directly adjacent to our foyer.

What makes the new workshop special?
In the new Heimat, we are able to drive a vehicle, i.e. a car or van, from the test area to the workshop and even into the foyer. This makes it possible to directly display and implement presentations. By jointly planning the test area and workshop, we offer our teams the opportunity to work in an extremely quick and flexible manner with very short distances.

What challenges are you facing while planning and setting up the workshop?
The challenge that I’m currently facing is to completely plan the test and workshop area as well as the special installations. (Editorial note: are you wondering what exactly Sven means by ‘special installations’? These are the special offices that our friends at Orange Council are designing for us. Take a look through some more of our blog and you’ll find several indications as to how our future office will look.) I’ve also been given a specific outfitting budget, i.e. for procuring machines and tools and equipping the workstations.

What does it mean to you to work for grow?
The planning and design of the new workshop are matters that are very close to my heart. I can’t wait for everything to be finished. After all, this project is ‘my baby’! 🙂

About the author

What are you and why? Querdenker, Durchstarter, Selbstverwirklicher?
I’m a Durchstarter… because I’ve been given a job that enables me to grow and develop. I can apply myself and I accept and implement suggestions.

What does Heimat mean to you?
For me, Heimat means finding somewhere that I can feel happy and respected. I’ve succeeded in this with grow. I’m absolutely delighted to be part of this team.


Sven Müller (Workshop and Technical Manager at grow)