Time to say goodbye

After a thrilling year here at grow, the time has come for us, Meike and Vera, to bid farewell to our Heimat in Ludwigsburg. We have seen all sorts of innovative ideas, met fascinating people from all over the world and helped out with exciting events. It has been an exhilarating, sometimes challenging, but in all events unforgettable sprint through the entire corporate start-up world. And we’ve always had a whole lot of fun telling you all about it! 🙂

Time to say hello

Vera and Meike are now passing on the blogging baton to me, Eloise.  As a successor, I will keep you up to date about our colourful life here at grow.
Of course, our many great colleagues and partners will also continue to blog about the grow world as external authors. Stay tuned as there’ll be lots going on here this year! 🙂
Keep following us and join in the fun!
Best wishes from the blogger team

Eloise, Meike and Vera

Want to find out more about Eloise?


What are you and why? Querdenker, Durchstarter, Selbstverwirklicher?
I’m a Selbstverwirklicher. I identify with the tasks I have to do and approach them with great passion. I love overcoming challenges and am driven by the idea of doing so.
What does Heimat mean to you?
For me, Heimat is less of a place and more of a sense of comfort and security. This is a sense that I receive from very special people who have influenced me during my life. For me, Heimat is family.

Eloise Hekeler, working student at grow