We want to take new and innovative approaches in our search for qualified applicants and found a platform that revolutionises the recruitment process in the form of Talentcube.
With the idea of applying for jobs using an authentic video, Talentcube has discovered whole new possibilities for the recruitment process, which we too are now making use of.

Both parties benefit from video applications

When applying for a job, the key is to make yourself stand out from the crowd. Video applications make this extremely simple and human resource staff can quickly identify whether or not a candidate will be right for the company and the team.
Applicants and human resource departments can do away with written applications and instead use a recruitment process that is personal, simple and efficient.

Talentcube therefore revolutionises the way in which applications are made, with the applicant’s personality being a key focus from the outset.

Founders of Talentcube: Sebastian Niewöhner, Hendrik Seiler and Sebastian Hust


To raise awareness of our company and our vacancies using Talentcube, we have been busy and created a short video in which we introduce ourselves. Get the app and check it out!

On 21/11/2017, Talentcube presented their visionary idea to investors on the TV show ‘Die Höhle der Löwen’.