Team n°3:

Laura Mack-Titelius (left) and her fellow team member Shashank Mallikarjun (right)


Laura Mack-Titelius from Germany: “It’s great to work on crazy ideas and make a change in the company; to work differently. So far I’ve learned a lot about users and the problems, and discovered topics that I wasn’t previously aware of.”

Shashank Mallikarjun from India: “My motivation is to solve big problems that Bosch doesn’t normally focus on. It’s very interesting!”

Team n°4:

Eva Gomez (left) and her team colleague John McDairmant (right)



Eva Gomez from Spain: “The challenge is to do new things, in a new environment, in a cross functional team! And it’s interesting to develop ideas. We organize ourselves on a daily basis, so every day is different.”

John McDairmant from USA: “My motivation is to find realistic solutions for the problem we’re facing. We’ve already had a lot of discussions and made good progress.”