In April, we welcomed 33 new people from all over the world to grow. All of these Bosch employees left their usual offices for three months to work on special projects in our home. There are four teams with eight or nine members. So let’s get to know some of these special people working in our Discovery Teams:


Team n°1:

Charulatha Jain from India

The experience of eating pizzas, sharing knowledge, meeting all sorts of people from different countries, and sharing a work space under one single roof: this is possible at Bosch. I’m describing the Discovery Teams 2017, who are currently working on new challenging projects at the grow office in Ludwigsburg.

Created on 24 April 2017, the diverse Discovery Teams cover four different projects and are made up of people from all over the world (America, Australia, Brazil, China, Germany, India, and many other countries). These are experiencing a new, flexible working style, using the principles of design thinking, and enjoying the valuable feeling of working in a start-up environment. Currently, the teams are digging deep into user research and developing innovative business models and prototypes for the projects. The grow workspace has a wonderful ambiance and the rooms are named after different colors and fruits.

Well-designed thinking chairs and quiet rooms promote creative thinking. This is a place where we can visualize and realize the culture of sharing knowledge, including with the current grow start-up teams, and have a diverse range of people collaborating and working towards thinking and achieving big. The timeframe is short but the journey is long. As a team, we are enjoying this educational journey through daily check-in and check-out sessions that build on the team atmosphere, teach us about cultural differences, and help us develop ideas for a better world through the platforms of Discovery Team – UX and grow.

Team n°2:

Alan Halil (left) and his colleague Seda Tacer (right)

Alan Halil from Australia: “It’s such an amazing opportunity; something very unusual. We are a team of eight from different divisions and different specialties. It’s been fun, exhausting, and challenging.”

Seda Tacer from Turkey: “My father has a health problem, so I want to be part of the solution process! I’m therefore very familiar with the issues we’re facing. It’s a challenging and different experience. I’m not used to work like this; it’s really interesting!”


To find out more about the other two Discovery Teams, follow our blog. We will keep you up to date! 🙂