The blogger team: Meike, Birte and Vera.

We want to bring you even further into our grow world here. To show you first-hand what it means to work, live and have a good time at grow. But who are ‘we’? Birte, Meike and Vera! Birte is responsible for marketing, communications and brand management at grow. Meike and Vera avidly assist her as working students. To introduce you to the full range of the corporate entrepreneurship here at grow though, we won’t be the only ones to share our experiences here; our partners, mentors and friends will do so too.


Communicating means exchanging ideas

There’s a lot going on at grow right now and we want to take you with us as we head down this road of change. One of the most exciting things for us this year will be moving into our new office building. We’re working with artists to create an extraordinary and creative interior and will keep you up to date with the construction work as it progresses. We’ll show you how we work, how we think and how we master the start-up life as one big, happy grow family. Lots of colorful impressions await you!

We’ll use information, photos and videos to bring you into our grow world whenever possible. Be part of the action, comment, discuss and, above all, join us in having fun!

Best regards,

Birte, Meike and Vera