How we can help you grow

Having started your business, of course you want to incubate your idea. While this process, do you sometimes worry about getting lost in the administrative details? We can’t make these tasks disappear but we can give you advice and cover your back. With our help, you can transform your entrepreneurial spirit and ideas into a start-up business empowered by Bosch. We offer you support from seeding to company building in all business-related topics that will help you and your idea to grow and develop.


As a subsidiary of Robert Bosch GmbH, we provide the legal framework, as well as the necessary infrastructure such as a workspace, IT-interface, meeting area and communication zone. We can even provide an integrated workshop and a test area. But that’s not all: The grow platform team supports you with various shared-services


Thanks to our Shared-Services, you will be supported by Bosch and by external partners, in all matters relating to human resources, the law, tax, accounting, purchasing, customs duty etc. In this way, you can focus on your core activity: developing new business for Bosch.


And “Incubation” provides the answer to one of the most important questions relating to a startup: How do I get funding? Our own Start-ups are funded and led by the Bosch Start-up Platform and are therefore 100% grow Start-ups.

Yet, we are not only the Heimat for our own grow Start-ups but also for other innovation teams that develop new business for Bosch. These teams are funded by another Bosch division but they benefit from our infrastructure, support and services in very different ways.