We share our expertise in cutting-edge fog technologies with you

  • We apply our experience gained across a variety of domains.
  • We are connected to all major players in the IoT market via a broad network of partners.
  • We apply solutions that are grown and validated within the international Bosch production network
Innovation Approach

We offer a user-centric, iterative, scaled approach to consulting - with 4 phases

  • Understand: Elaborate on your problems and goals to create a common understanding of the requirements
    A deep understanding of the customer’s and/or user’s requirements and of their pain points is the starting point and base for joint exploration. In this exploration of the service tailored to your requirements, you will get to work directly with the IoT experts from Bosch.
  • Sketch: Independent technology scouting to suggest a possible solution for the selected use cases
    Once a specific requirement has been identified as a typical use case, the team then develops an innovative prototype on the basis of a customized solution for the project. This prototype can be tested directly with the customer.
  • Build: Implementing your specific solution set together with you
    Working with the customer, in short iteration phases, the IoT exploration experts develop the prototype into a minimal viable product (MVP) and then into a solution. This delivers a market-driven development of services that address specific needs in production and immediately deliver added value for their users.
  • Learn: Scaled progression towards productive systems based on findings and quick wins in piloting iterations
    The prototype, MVP, and solution are swiftly matched to the user’s or customer’s requirements. This ensures not only a satisfactory user experience (UX) but also that the solution really does solve the customer’s problem.

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