“You can create us a logo, can’t you?” This was the request with which Peter Guse and Birte Moyé approached us here at the communication agency pulsmacher in early 2015. In response, we asked ourselves whether the task was actually about creating a logo or rather about helping a new brand be born and develop.

After all, if there’s one thing we’re positive about, it’s that a brand is more than a logo. All brands have a specific identity. With an immanent performance commitment and value promise. The brand answers the big question of “why?” behind its own activities.

What does ‘grow’ represent?

All companies and brands start with an inspirational, activating and identity-giving idea. The primary aim of ‘grow’ is to help people with radical, innovative ideas and entrepreneurial spirit to make their ideas a reality. Supported by the strength, security and expertise of the Bosch Group. At the same time, ‘grow’ represents an attractive and open innovation platform for Bosch, designed to deliver on the brand promise ‘Invented for Life’ for our future life with fascinating Bosch product experiences.

As such, the development of the ‘grow’ brand is only conceivable within the scope of the concept ‘the future needs a past’ – a defining remark made by Franz Fehrenbach (now Chairman of the Bosch Supervisory Board) in description of the Bosch Group’s business activities. To a certain extent, ‘grow’ takes Bosch back to its own founding concept, its own story. Try, learn, rethink, recreate – search for surprising and innovative solutions until reaching a decisive breakthrough. Even today, this notion still remains synonymous with Robert Bosch – and is also represented by ‘grow’.

The development of the ‘grow’ brand called for lots of creativity, discussion and good coffee.

A HEIMAT for start-ups

In this complex area, we defined the central term ‘Heimat’ for ‘grow’. Literally meaning ‘home’, this acts as the brand’s core concept. ‘grow’ not only offers Bosch a new Heimat for radical innovation but also offers internal and external innovators and entrepreneurs a new Heimat at Bosch.

Heimat is the place where we feel welcome. Where we can find the optimum conditions for developing freely. Where we are supported but also challenged. ‘grow’ is the ‘Heimat for start-ups by Bosch’.

These are the findings and results of our brand analysis, during which we asked questions like ‘Who is the actual sender?’, ‘What actually provides the drive?’, ‘What is the mission?’ and ‘Who is the target group?’.

This preliminary work formed the foundations for the subsequent process of designing the word/figurative mark for ‘grow’.  The circle as a graphic element provides a historic reference to the Bosch figurative mark, the Bosch armature. The word ‘grow’ calls for individual growth. The design reflects the connection between an enclosed space and the environment; an invitation to think freely and outside the box.

For us, the logo symbolises a safe place in which we are invited to think outside the box.

For example, start-ups that can be developed in the safe environment until they become independent companies. Brands that leave the Heimat to continue to grow.

About the author

What are you and why?
I’m a Querdenker because I question rules, don’t accept the status quo as given and like to look at complex issues from different perspectives in order to identify correlations and find creative solutions. When this works, it results in fresh impetus, innovation and change, as well as an energy that is my favourite driving force.

What does Heimat mean to you?
Heimat is in me. Heimat is not a place. Heimat is a feeling associated with rituals, memories and people.

Johanna Quatmann (Senior Consultant and Key Account Manager for grow at pulsmacher)