OEE Improve! IoT Services are cloud-based services that address typical requirements and problem areas in production. They help maintenance technicians and other production experts to exploit the potential of the Internet of Things (IoT) to improve the overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) of their own machines. Special features of such services include:

  • How they are created and what they offer
    The Consult & Connect Team from Bosch has the task of exploring, together with our customers, new IoT services. Once a requirement has been identified as a typical use case, the team then develops an innovative prototype. This delivers a market-driven development of services that address specific needs in production and swiftly deliver added value for their users.
  • How they are provided:
    The OEE Improve! IoT Services from Bosch are designed and provided in such a way that they can be implemented as a plug-and-play solution. Right after initialization, actual data on the current status of your machines can be displayed via preconfigured dashboards. No upfront investment is required; this is a purely pay-per-use business model. In other words, it also provides smaller companies with easy access to future-proof services that will improve their OEE.

The OEE Improve! IoT Services portfolio currently comprises three services:

OEE Improve! Filter Monitoring

25% of the costs of faults and errors are the result of oil contamination in hydraulic systems. Are you a maintenance technician and responsible for the condition of your production equipment? Invest in a filter monitoring kit. It provides you with a crucial early-warning system as to the condition of the entire hydraulic system. The OEE Improve! Filter Monitoring Kit provides you with all you need to start logging data on oil contamination and system status so that you can avoid unscheduled downtimes.

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OEE Improve! Insights

Ensuring the availability of production equipment and avoiding unscheduled downtimes are essential factors in the continuous improvement of overall equipment effectiveness (OEE). Invest in technology to monitor your production setup. With the OEE Improve! Insights Kit, you have everything you need to swiftly and easily explore which parts of your machines are crucial and therefore constitute a central early-warning system for the condition of the entire set-up. The kit is implemented as a plug-and-play solution.

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OEE Improve! Production Performance Starter Kit

The monitoring and analysis of production data are essential aspects of every Industry 4.0 project and play a decisive part in improving production processes. The OEE Improve! Production Performance Starter Kit is the perfect tool to start your Industry 4.0 project. The package includes individual consulting, training, and the software solution Nexeed Production Performance Manager.

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