grow platform GmbH

The grow platform GmbH is the legal entity of grow and a 100% subsidiary of the Bosch corporation. All of our grow start-ups are part of this entity and are supported by the platform team.

As a basic rules company, which relates to our processes, structure and working conditions, we‘re able to find our own way of establishing a start-up environment that perfectly serves you as corporate entrepreneurs.

Nevertheless for each start-up, access to all Bosch resources and competencies is provided.

grow – Heimat for Start-ups

grow is more than just a place. It’s more than an incubator or a suitable work environment. We are HEIMAT for start-ups. The term HEIMAT for the most part refers to a relationship between people and places. It is a feeling. HEIMAT is wherever you feel understood, wherever you can relate to others, wherever you share a common set of values.

Make grow your HEIMAT. Grow. With us.