The startup Technology for Agroecology in the Global South (TAGS) is an initiative aiming at using the technological strength of the Bosch Group to contribute to major global challenges.

Currently, the focus is on the empowerment of smallholder farmers and their transition from vulnerable subsistence farmers to resilient entrepreneurs in agriculture and thus in a long run fight food scarcity, poverty and also climate change.


Striving to empower smallholder farmers in the global South

Understanding the needs of smallholders and identifying valuable contributions are the key activities in 2019. Furthermore, TAGS is exploring solutions that empower smallholder farmers in a sustainable way in order to build partnerships, offer technological collaboration and thereby contribute to a fast scaling of their impact.

Recognizing Outstanding Practices in Agroecology 2019

In collaboration with the World Future Council (WFC), TAGS recognized startups and initiatives in the global south that are exemplary great regarding the principles of agroecology.

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Collaboration with the Ugandan startup YITIDEV

TAGS collaborates with the Ugandan startup Youth in Technology and Development Uganda (YITEDEV) in order to better understand the needs and wishes of smallholder farmers.

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AI-based detection of plant diseases and malnutrition using a smartphone app

Detecting and classifying pests, diseases and malnutrition of various plants has not only the potential to save a lot of money by optimizing the reaction time in organic farming systems, but can also reduce the usage of pesticides and herbicides to minimum in conventional approaches. At the same time, the field workers can gain knowledge about soil and plant health and get insights how to tackle upcoming obstacles.