The idea for triffix was developed by an UX Discovery Team in 2017, a global, interdisciplinary team from all across the Bosch Group. In July 2017 the idea was funded by the Gasoline Systems Division after a pitch at the UX convention in front of approx. 800 people from all around Bosch.

triffix means smart communication between cities and citizens

New technologies enable new solutions. Citizens will receive information and measures in an individual manner. Just when you are affected, you get a fast solution. This means:

  • The user receives only relevant information for him
  • Solutions are send out just in time
  • Every case gets its own individual solution
  • Users can choose their favourite media for using triffix

Our service – your individual solution.

Triffix – lose no time


Personalized and individual communication between you and your city. You get relevant information exactly where and when you need it.

Triffix – lose no time


Be Part of the solution of urban problems. Community based solutions show a higher impact than single measures.

Triffix – lose no time

Smart city

triffix makes your city ready for the future. New technologies improve your standard of living in your hometown.

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Triffix – lose no time