In the year 2008 the Zeno Track GmbH was founded as a start-up. Since 2015, it has been part of the Robert Bosch Start-up GmbH.

Assistance in all ways

With the ZENOWAY brand, the company has specialized in the development of driver assistance systems for trucks (forklifts, storage systems, FTS). Vehicle location for inside and outside areas is the basis for the ZENOWAY assistance systems. The underlying patented technology integrates innovative software with industry-proven sensor technology in an intelligent and unique way. With standardized interfaces, it is simply and flexibly linked to your existing logistics or fleet management system. This results in the comprehensive automation and optimization of stacker-related logistics processes and enables significant cost savings coupled with short amortization periods. To get more information on how our technologies work just visit our website.

Proper solutions for your specific requirements

ZENOWAY offers you stand-alone solutions, as well as system solutions. The ZENOWAY modules include stand-alone products in the fields of analysis, assistance systems and logistics. With these modules you can collect intelligent data to optimize your vehicle fleet, optimally support your drivers in the most varied areas of their work or automatically detect the ID of the current storage location.

ZENOWAY, in combination with a warehouse management system, also offers you numerous possibilities for making the systems and processes in your logistics warehouse faster, more efficient, more cost-effective and safer. Therefore we offer logistics solutions and fleet management solutions.

ZENOWAY <br> Simply. Connected. Intralogistics